How Bad is the Second Mile?

When I decided it's time to make my dream into something that actually happens,
I prepared myself for the followings.
  • Work out ways to increase current income.
  • Reduce favorite cafes from the list.
  • Sacrifice sleeping-in times to avoid taking a taxi.
  • Work out my body to increase current stamina.
I thought that was pretty much already.
I didn't prepare for the second mile.

It never ever occurred to me that I would have to deal with a gym center that service's sucks.
Every morning when I get up and remember that it's my day for the gym,
just the thought of it makes me feel sick.
What an irony, I often think.
People go to a gym to lower their blood pressure.
In my case, my blood pressure just bursts out every time I go to this gym.

Last night when I watched Nat Geo Adventure, I heard something like this:
"If you want something so bad, you would do whatever it takes."

I asked myself,
"How bad do I actually want this?"

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