One Example

FINALLY, finished my travel blog on New Zealand (for the first trip!). I guess, I have succeeded in presenting not the usual me travel blog, less talking (= writing) more pictures. Still haven't gotten my hands on my NZ merino yet, but I'm on the way continuing Call Me Sonja, my currently hottest travel blog about Trans Siberian - Trans Mongolian railway journey in Russia. Oh, I love trains.

Talking about trains, why oh why Google Maps doesn't provide the feature of drawing a railroad line? I want to draw my Trans Siberian - Trans Mongolian route which I have traveled. Worse, why on earth has Google Maps gone backwards?? In the past I could draw route lines in different colors. Thus I can differentiate which are the routes still planned and which are the ones already traveled. That's just one example.

Here's also one example, of my NZ photos available for license through Getty Images:

At this moment, however, my Hokkaido photos are being put on sale. Here's one example, too ;)

Happy sampling! :)

Quick Update

24 hours a day apparently is not enough for me to do all the things I want to do. Haven't yet finished with the blog on Russia, I'm now already starting a new one on New Zealand, the place where everyone said I should visit if I love to take pictures. To complete that blog quick, I have planned to make it not the usual me. Less talking (= writing), more photos. Hence, NZ in Pictures. Photos, photos, photos... I've been here, I've been there, I saw this, I saw that, done.

After ten post, it turned out not an easy thing for me to do. That less writing, I mean. However, I'm still trying (hard).

Because, I can't wait to get my hands on my new balls of NZ merino thread.

Another Winter Dream

Originally I had planned for this January 2013. However, after my return from my first Silk Road adventure, the ticket rose beyond the numbers in my bank account. I'm not giving up this dream:
Harbin Ice Festival