The Baby Steps

In building this website, I've been inspired by two, three actually, major reasons.

First, it's what you surely know, my passion in traveling, photography, and writing.

Second? Hmmm... I'll announce that one day.

Third? It's Alexis Grant's newsletter "The Baby Step That Can't Wait", whom I knew through Travellerspoint.

So what are those baby steps I've made today?
I've put a little something into this website. I've posted some of my travel photos from my home country: Indonesia and from other countries in Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, China...

and I dream to post more from other countries
in the near future.

In the Beginning

You find nothing here?
Neither do I.

But I dream to fill this space up,
for me and for you.

Although you are apart from me,
I can bring you travel to the places I've been.